Setup full Android Auto Plex access and playback your entire media library in your vehicle wherever you travel! Read more information below.

Brand new, you can get full Android Auto Plex access now! If you aren’t familiar, Android Auto is a car interface similar to CarPlay by Apple. It puts apps specially developed for vehicles on your car’s heads up display (HUD) with big icons and easy to use interfaces. Today, you can now install Plex for Android Auto and stream your media library in your vehicle.

In order to enable Android Auto Plex playback, you need three things:

  • A vehicle that supports Android Auto.
  • An Android phone with 5.0 Lollipop or greater and the Android Auto app installed on your device.
  • A valid Plex Media library


How to Setup Android Auto Plex Playback

  1. First, make sure you have both the Android Auto app and Plex Media Player apps installed on your phone. If you don’t, launch the Google Play Store, search for Android Auto and Plex, and install them both. Make sure you are signed into your Plex account and your library is available on Android.
  2. The next time you plug your phone into your car and Android Auto starts up, click the headphones icon on the left side of the screen. If this is your first time, click the headphones icon a second time and select Plex as your audio source.
  3. Click the menu button in the top left corner (3 lines) to select media to playback. With Android Auto Plex, you get the following options:
    1. Playlists: all playlists existing on the selected Plex Media Server
    2. Recently Played: Recent Artists that were played from the server
    3. Recently Added: Recently added Albums on the server
    4. Artist: List of Artists from all available music libraries on that server (all libraries are combined)



Android Auto Plex Tips

Here are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of using Plex in your vehicle:

  • When media is playing, the Plex interface allows you to see the artist and album, album artwork, and controls to go backwards, forwards, pause, or play. Tap the track/artist area to return to the Android Auto home interface.
  • Android Auto Plex functionality contains full voice controls. Simply start by saying out loud, “OK Google…” and direct it to do something with your media library accordingly. For example, you can say things like:
    • Play my recently added playlists
    • Play music by Eminem
    • Next song
    • Stop music
  • If you make more than four button presses while your vehicle is moving, you’ll get a “Paused For Safety” message in order to make sure you are driving safely.


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