Install the Android Plex client on your Android device, including phone or TV box, today and access your entire Plex media library on Android.

November 14th: The Android Plex client has been updated to v6.9 on all phone and TV boxes. Check out some of the nice new features today coming your way when Plex updates on your device:

  • Display hardware transcoding status in video player info overlay.
  • Local playback: text based ASS/SSA subtitle support.
  • Local playback: support for background scanning and thumbnail generation.
  • Support quality selection during Live TV playback.
  • [Mobile] Improve photo timeline view interaction.
  • [Mobile] News: add personalization screen.
  • [Mobile] Add links to Privacy and Privacy Terms of Service in Advanced Settings screen.
  • [TV] Support Google Assistant integration.




The Android Plex client is one of the most popular apps in use today for viewing your Plex Media Server content on any of your Android devices. This is because not only is the client developed for all Android phones, but Kodi boxes as well.

The Android Plex client contains a ton of nice features designed to make it easy for you to stream Plex on Android, including:

  • Support for any media format.
  • Stream your content anywhere you are, even if you aren’t connected to your home network. NOTE: This feature either requires a Plex Pass account or a one-time payment on iOS in order to stream video longer than 1 minute.
  • Organize all your media with metadata such as plot, information, posters, and more.
  • Share libraries amongst friends for even more content and selection.
  • Install Plex channels right onto your Android Plex client.
  • Use the Plex app on your phone to control your Android TV client.
  • Flinging support. Start content on one device and fling it instantly to another.
  • 4K support



Android Plex Client Premium Features

If you are a Plex Pass subscriber, you also get access to even more great features:

  • Live TV for free (digital antenna required)
  • Photo albums
  • Plex Cloud – Store media in the cloud and away from your home network
  • Plex DVR recording
  • Premium music playlists – Enjoy Plex Mix and Plex Mood playlists customized for you.
  • Plex News – Local news coverage
  • Multiple user support
  • Parental controls



If you are interested in installing the Android Plex Client, use our guide below to set things up:


How to Install Android Plex Client – Phone, Table, TV Box

  1. From your Android device, launch the Google Play Store icon. If you haven’t signed into an account on your device yet, sign in or create an account.
  2. Once you are at the home screen of the store, click the search bar and search for Plex. 
  3. Click on the Plex logo to enter the app’s page and click on the Install button. The Android Plex app will install and when the button changes to Open, this means the app is installed and can be found in your main apps page.
  4. Launch the Plex App. The first time you do so, click the Sign In button and log in with your Plex media credentials (same as your server).


The Android Plex client is developed natively and separately for the Android phone and Android TV systems, which means you’ll have responsive and well-designed pages.

Let us know on Twitter and Facebook if you need any help!


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