Author: Jack J

Plex TwitchTV – Watch your Favorite Streamers Inside Plex

TwitchTV is a great platform for all kinds of video-game streaming. Ranging from your neighbor streaming himself playing Dota 2- to the worldwide E-Sports championships. If you enjoy watching Twitch, Plex TwitchTV is a necessary addition to your Plex Media Server. Plex TwitchTV Features Obviously Plex TwitchTV let’s you watch TwitchTV at source quality, but what else does it do? Quality Selection Past Broadcasts/Highlights support View followed channels Search Streams, Channels or Games It can also play Subscriber only VODs Now, this all sounds great, but what if it doesn’t work on my client- I hear you ask, don’t fret...

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CloudFlare Leak & What It Means for You

If you’re on the internet as much as me, you’ve surely seen the CloudFlare leak, but, does it affect you? Do you need to reset your passwords? Read on. What is CloudFlare CloudFlare is a CDN, CDN standing for Content Delivery Network. I will explain it in words, but there is also a handy info graphic- so if you don’t feel like reading, scroll down a bit. When you attempt to load a website, you are loading it from a server. The webmaster will have a server, or use a web hosting provider (this server is called the origin...

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Plex FMoviesPlus – Stream Movies in Plex

Coder-Alpha is one of our most favorite plug-in developers here at PlexTips, and he just released Plex FMoviesPlus, and it’s brilliant. Let’s cut the chase and get straight to the features.   Plex FMoviesPlus Features Good, reliable streaming Fast Google and Openload sources with HD 1080p content Clean, Simple UI and includes DumbKeyboard for Search impaired clients Ability to enable DumbKeyboard for individual client An Advance Sort-Search Filter Implementation (try it to know) Displaying detailed movie & episode info where available Cache implementation, randomize user-agent to avoid bot response from server Fix for temporary SSL issue with certain PMS Search & Search Queue Bookmarking It has been tested working on these clients: Windows Linux (Due to PMS issue – requires SSL option enabled under Channel Prefs.) Mac (Untested) Plex Home Theater Plex/Web Samsung Plex App Android M (Samsung Galaxy S6) iOS (Apple iPhone6) Chromecast   Plex FMoviesPlus Install-Guide Download the latest Plug-In bundle from here Extract the ZIP and rename the folder so it’s just .bundle not .bundle-master Move the folder to the Plex Plug-Ins folder, if you do not know where that is, check this out. Reboot your Plex Media Server Let us know on Twitter or Facebook! Be sure to Follow/Like us respectively for updates and news, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly Plex News blasts. (Box on our homepage).   Consider hiding yourself on Plex with...

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