Plex XTV ild a live streaming IPTV channel that lets you view TV channels from all around the work.  Do you live in the US and want to watch UK channels? Use XTV as your UK TV hub or vice versa. Now, lets get onto the features.

NOTE: The latest version of Plex XTV is from October 20th.

Plex XTV Features

  • The ability the stream US, UK, Canadian channels.
  • Live sports streams
  • [AdultSwim] streams
  • Vevo, Weather Nation, Toonami among others.
  • USTVNOW integration
  • Exclusive XTV IPTV streams
  • Now, there’s the quantity, but is there quality? Certainly. The streams are reliable and of a watchable quality.

Though it looks like we’ve covered loads of different streams in that list, trust me, we haven’t.

There’s over 100 different channels for you to stream in Plex XTV- now, should we get onto the Install & USTVNOW account creations and integration guide?

How to install Plex XTV

  • Download the channel from here,
  • Extract the channel into a temporary folder
  • Open your Plex Plugins folder. Do you know where your Plex Plug-ins Folder is located? If not be sure to read our article here on how to find it!
  • Move the directory inside your temporary folder the to Plex Plug-ins folder.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server

There you go, you’ve now got Plex XTV. Enjoy.



USTVNOW Account Creation & Integration Guide

  • Go to this link.
  • Now, there’s three plans. Free, all channel & all channel and DVR. DVR in XTV won’t make a difference, but, you can watch all channel if you do so wish to purchase it,
  • Once you’ve done that – go to the Plex Web Client or your client of choice, and
  • Using the Plex Web Client (should be the same for others) , at the the top right of the opened channel you’ll see a little cog/gear, click on that,
  • In the boxes shown enter your username/password
  • If you bought a subscription package click the tick next to Enable Subscription Channels?

There you are, you’ve now got USTVNOW integrated with Plex XTV.



The Plex XTV IPTV add-on boasts over 100 channels from the around the world.


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