A new Plex iOS v4.5 update has brought some great features to iOS: A new search interface and 3D Touch actions. Read on for more information!

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The Plex Media Player for Apple devices (Plex iOS) has been updated to v4.5 with some new features. In addition to improve search functionality and visibility, the add-on has new 3D Touch actions, Voiceover support, and other cool features. Check out the list below.

Plex iOS v4.5 Change Log


  • Search is now easily accessible from the home screen.
  • New search UI and support for searching multiple servers at once.
  • Added a 3D Touch action to access Search in your current server.
  • Chapter Selection View was redesigned.
  • Album reviews are shown in the Album Details screen.
  • Improve VoiceOver support
  • Added system’s now-playing information for videos.
  • Added Context Menu for items in Playlist screen.
  • Videos uploaded with Camera Upload will preserve their edits
  • Playback Settings View was redesigned.


  • Subtitles are shown for Episodes in Browse Grid and List Views.
  • TV Show overviews were hidden when selecting from the Browse View.
  • Added specific error message for servers that don’t support sync.
  • Tapping (···) button in TV Show screen should show the context menu for that TV Show.
  • Edit button in Playlist screen stayed selected when the player is dismissed.
  • Add to Watch Later dialog will not show until you’ve picked selected a user or for managed users.
  • Video Subtitle format is shown in the Subtitle Selection screen.
  • Added warning mesages when syncing is not posible due to Storage Limit.
  • Camera Roll items can now be displayed on remote players.
  • App could crash under some circumstances.
  • Fixed animation on toast alerts on Plex iOS 10.
  • Fixed an issue preventing managed users from selecting a library for Camera Upload.
  • Prevent trying to browse synced content by folder which never displayed anything.
  • Continue Watching title didn’t responded to selection gestures.
  • Improve errors displayed from Streaming Brain
  • App would sometimes crash if Photos access was revoked after enabling Camera Upload.
  • Deleting the last synced item on a server as a managed user will no longer result in an error.
  • Servers may incorrectly be shown as online after switching to airplane mode.
  • Relay was incorrectly offered as a connection recovery suggestion when the device is offline.
  • All devices briefly appeared as offline when opening the location menu.

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