Looking to find your Plex log files in order to diagnose issues and find out how to fix your Plex issues? Read on below. 

Plex Log files are very important to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with your Plex Media Server. The log files store information about every action or mouse click you make in Plex and every service that runs in the background of Plex as well.

If you are having issues updating or syncing libraries, installing channels, playing media, or working with Plex Media Server, go and check out the Plex log files for valuable information.


How to Find Plex Log Files

Since Plex Media Server v1.1, it has been very easy to find and download your log files:

  1. Launch the Plex web app on your computer by heading to
    http://[Local Plex Media Server IP Address]:32400/web
  2. Navigate to Settings > Server > Help
  3. Click on Download Logs and save the zip file.



Manually Find Plex Log Files

If for some reason you need to manually find your log files, check out the information below according to what kind of computer you have:

  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Logs
  • OS X: ~/Library/Logs/Plex Media Server
  • nVidia Shield: /sdcard/Plex Media Server/Logs
  • Linux/NAS: $PLEX_HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs



After you have your logs in front of you, you’ll have to open the one that tells you the information you want to know. Here’s a helpful guide:

  • “agents” files show you information on specific Plex agents including IMDB, TVDB, and others.
  • The system log shows specific information about what Plex does in the background out of sight.
  • Plex Crash Uploader shows data from every time Plex crashes
  • Plex DLNA Server shows DLNA log information
  • Plex Media Scanner Logs shows information from each time Plex scans or loads new media into its database.
  • Plex Tuner Service shows live TV and DVR information.



With this information, hopefully you can better check out Plex logs, diagnose, and fix issues.

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