Coder-Alpha is one of our most favorite plug-in developers here at PlexTips, and he just released Plex FMoviesPlus, and it’s brilliant. Let’s cut the chase and get straight to the features.


Plex FMoviesPlus Features

  • Good, reliable streaming
  • Fast Google and Openload sources with HD 1080p content
  • Clean, Simple UI and includes DumbKeyboard for Search impaired clients
  • Ability to enable DumbKeyboard for individual client
  • An Advance Sort-Search Filter Implementation (try it to know)
  • Displaying detailed movie & episode info where available
  • Cache implementation, randomize user-agent to avoid bot response from server
  • Fix for temporary SSL issue with certain PMS
  • Search & Search Queue
  • Bookmarking

It has been tested working on these clients:

  • Windows
  • Linux (Due to PMS issue – requires SSL option enabled under Channel Prefs.)
  • Mac (Untested)
  • Plex Home Theater
  • Plex/Web
  • Samsung Plex App
  • Android M (Samsung Galaxy S6)
  • iOS (Apple iPhone6)
  • Chromecast


Plex FMoviesPlus Install-Guide

  • Download the latest Plug-In bundle from here
  • Extract the ZIP and rename the folder so it’s just .bundle not .bundle-master
  • Move the folder to the Plex Plug-Ins folder, if you do not know where that is, check this out.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server

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