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Plex and Kodi, one might say they are rivals, but that can’t be the case now that Plex has released Kodi for Plex. Plex have been working with some top Kodi add-on developers to try and emulate the Kodi experience in Plex, and at last, they have done it. This is a Plex Pass Exclusive.

Kodi for Plex Features

The app’s features will be divided into two categories. Free & Premium or Premium only. In the words of Plex..

  • Any Format – Support for all file types (well, virtually all), including hi-fi music and video formats. (Free & Premium)
  • Available Anywhere – Stream all of your media to all your devices, anytime, anywhere, with the same beautiful experience on all of them. (iOS, Android, and Windows apps require a one-time unlock fee for full playback – Free and Premium)
  • Library Organisation – Organize all of your media–videos, photos, and music–and make it beautiful with artwork and info like plot summaries, bios, and more.
  • Privacy and Security – Enjoy your media while away from home, knowing your connection is securely encrypted. (Free and Premium)
  • Sharing – Effortlessly share libraries among friends to all discover and enjoy even more content together. (Free and Premium)
  • Recommendations – Enjoy beautifully organized libraries that help you find and re-discover great gems in your collection. (Free and Premium)
  • Plex DVR – Record free broadcast TV channels and watch your favorite HD shows, movies, news, and sports on any device, anywhere in the world. Management of Plex DVR only available on the Plex Web App. (Premium Only)
  • Audio Fingerprinting – Manage your music with song identification via audio fingerprinting, get world-class album reviews and artist bios, as well as the best cover art available. (Premium Only)
  • Multiple Users – Create customized, managed accounts, and make user switching fast and easy with Plex Home. (Premium Only)
  • Parental Controls – Enable parental controls to keep the kids away from inappropriate content. (Premium Only)

Wow, isn’t it great! Let’s see how to install it

Kodi for Plex Install-Guide

  • Download Kodi here
  • Once Kodi is installed, download this zip file
  • Navigate to Settings > Add-ons
  • Click install from ZIP File
  • Select the ZIP File you just suggested and it will install
  • Go back to home and navigate to Videos > Plex
  • Run Plex

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