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Update: Nvidia has upgraded it’s Shield TV firmware to 3.2. Some of the new features include:

  • HDR Streaming on Netflix
  • Better picture quality on RGB TVs
  • VUDU now in 4K
  • Dolby Atmos now pre-installed, contained in the Photos & Videos section
  • Plex is now integrated.. read-on for more…


At last, it has been officially endorsed by Nvidia, and has been introduced to the Shield in a software update arriving earlier this week (3.2). If you haven’t updated your Shield, and you use Plex, update it. Plex on Nvidia Shield is live.


Changes in this Nvidia Shield Update:

The ability to run the WHOLE media server Nvidia Shield. Removing the need to host the server on an external device.

That was by far the biggest change this update, but there’s still more. (Not Involving Plex of course) but it basically boils down into.

Streaming Netflix in HDR- watching you Youtube videos in 4k, 60 FPS and Vudu in 4k is now possible.

What makes this different from any other box?

Nvidia claims that it “is the best possible Shield box” and well, I agree with it. Lets see why.

  • For starters it has a 64x quad-core processor, allowing enough power for Plex to perform it tasks with relative ease.
  • It’s got 3 GB of RAM, enough for Plex to run aptly on the box, even more then some old home-computers/laptops.
  • It’s got Gigabit Ethernet, great for streaming, something that we’ll be covering in the next article coming later on.
  • And way- way more, Nvidia summarized it very well in this comparison chart, comparing the shield to the Roku 4, Apple TV (2012 + 2015), Nexus Player and FireTV



As we have discussed you can get Plex on Nvidia Shield, but will this work, will it cause rumbles in the market?

In my opinion, be a ‘match made in heaven’. And I think it will for sure change the Media Server landscape for the better, what do you think?

Do you think the Plex and the Nvidia will be a ‘match made in heaven’ or do you think it will be completely pointless. Tell us on Twitter: @PlexTips or on Facebook: PlexTips.

Thanks for reading guys- I do hope this article informed at least some people about this ground-breaking news.

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