Get NVIDIA SHIELD Plex integration from the latest firmware update and get the Plex Media Server on the SHIELD. Click here to read more information!


On July 1st, a 3.2 firmware update for the NVIDIA SHIELD came out and the big feature is dedicated Plex Media Server integration! The SHIELD is the first Android box to receive native compatibility with Plex. Let’s have a look at what NVIDIA SHIELD Plex integration means, what features you have, and why you should check it out!

To get Plex on the NVIDIA SHIELD, perform a system update and make sure that your SHIELD installs version 3.2+. The Plex icon is added to your home page automatically.

Remember, this is Plex Media Server, which is your home base for all of your media. This means that if your computer was your previous server, you can shift this responsibility to your SHIELD, which might always be turned on if its your main TV input. Then, with NVIDIA SHIELD Plex integration, you can stream content from your SHIELD to any auxiliary device like your tablet.

Upon launch Plex for the first time, you’ll see a customized, but familiar, SHIELD interface. You’ll see options such as Library, On Deck, Recently Added, Settings, and Customize on the left side of your screen. On the right side will be your library with metadata and images for each piece of media.

The SHIELD can load your media from the internal hard drive or you can mount an external drive to the SHIELD as well!

Along with Plex integration, the Shield now supports remote access from Window and Mac machines, which means you don’t need a third-party program to move files onto the Android device! Over the same network, move media to and from the SHIELD’s hard drive seamlessly.

One nice feature on the SHIELD is that voice commands work for Plex if you have the remote! Say a command such as “Continue watching Star Wars” and Plex will load this movie!

Along with NVIDIA SHIELD Plex support, the latest SHIELD firmware also includes support for 4K video, HDR, and 60fps. The means that it is setup to be a media powerhouse into the future.

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