Plex Android v5.2 is rolling out to users. What new features does it have? Read on for more information and find out how to update Plex on your Android devices.

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The Plex Android app has been updated to v5.2 and it brings some nice new features for everyone. The big changes have to do with adaptable storage, but a number of bug fixes and improvements are worth checking out.

Plex Android v5.2. Change Log

  • Update Audio Player to improve the visibility of lyrics
  • Add support for Adoptable Storage
  • Jump to Library hub when switching location from Locations picker.
  • Add options menu to search results.
  • For troubleshooting, unavailable servers can now be selected.
  • The app does not fall back to insecure connection by default.
  • Sign Out will now clear all user settings
  • Servers in a list now have Nearby/Remote connection status


  • [TV] Vertical poster list items now have watch progress indicator too.
  • [TV] Disabled prev/next details navigation when going down from photo container.
  • [TV] Fixed cursor glitch on a music mini-player.
  • [TV] Fixed playing a photo library.
  • [TV] Playing the last album track second time now fixed.
  • Reduce left padding on episodes grid in season preplays.
  • Avoid duplication of music in search when album title and artist name are the same.
  • [Android TV] App could crash opening preplay screen under certain circumstances.
  • [Android TV] Resuming playback from pause would sometimes require two clicks on the play button.
  • [TV] It was sometimes impossible to go back to the TV layout after having switched to the Mobile layout.
  • [Sync] Updating the progress notification would crash the app in some devices.
  • [Sync] Don’t show ‘add to sync’ option for playlist folders.
  • [Sync] Minor UI improvements in sync screen.
  • Remove orange dot in home when there is only one in-progress item.
  • Playing a combined “photos and videos” library would sometimes open the wrong player.
  • Minor improvements to the sign in/sign up screens.
  • Upgrade ExoPlayer to r1.5.12.
  • Mini-player would obscure the undo popup when removing an item from a playlist or queue.
  • App could crash when attempting to play a file from a server that was no longer available.
  • “Camera roll” would show in Navigation Menu when disabled in settings.
  • Playing an audio track on mobile would halve it’s star rating.

Previous, Plex Android would not recognize adoptable storage and it could not be utilized to play media, so this is a welcome change!

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