Plex BitTorrent is a Plex gem. Since 2014 SharkOne has kept it updated- and boy has he done it well. Plex BitTorrent has a massive library of TV and Movies, and the UI is done really well. So, should we get onto the features?

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t use a VPN you WILL get a warning from your ISP. At the end there’ll be an exclusive offer you can use.

Plex BitTorrent Features

Plex BitTorrent is amazing. Some of the features are:

  • Great UI, really well sorted and accurate,
  • Massive Library of TV Shows
  • High-Quality Streams,
  • Meta-data organised by Trakt.TV,
  • The ability to download TV/Movies and store them after watching,
  • Auto-Updating#
  • Torrents extracted from EZTV and KickassTorrents

To access any movies through this channel though, you need a VPN, so be sure to read through to the end.

This channel supports these clients:

  • Plex Home Theatre
  • Plex on Roku
  • Plex on PS4
  • Plex iOS
  • Plex Android

They are only the clients that it’s tested on, if it works on any others, be sure to tweet us. So, let’s get onto the install guide.

Plex BitTorrent Install-Guide

Let’s get right into it.

  • Download the ZIP Bundle from here,
  • Extract the ZIP,
  • Rename the BitTorrent.bundle-master so there is no text after .bundle
  • Move that directory into your Plex Plug-ins folder- do you not know where that is? If not, this article may help you.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server

Isn’t that easy?

Now, what do you think or Plex BitTorrent, as always…

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