There are now brand new Plex buffer features built into your media centre to help you remove lag and get smoother playback on your content! Read more info below.

The Plex team has just announced new features aimed at smoother playback and less buffer on your Plex clients. Buffer is a pain for everyone, but the Plex buffer features added below should help users out.

Our general guide to reducing buffer is still a great resource to check out. Some of the things in there, such as connecting to hardwired internet and making sure you have the latest version of Plex, are still great tips to ensure are true.

Here are the new Plex buffer features designed to help smooth playback:


Auto Quality (Free and Plex Pass Users)

Free for all users is a new auto quality option, which lets your Plex media server automatically decide the best quality to stream to your Plex Client. It does this by analyzing your internet speed and determining whether your end-client can handle full HD streams or slightly less than HD streams.

Auto Quality for Plex is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Android TV boxes.

To enable Auto Quality, head to the Quality Settings in your app and turn on Automatically Adjust Quality.


Hardware Accelerated Streaming (Plex Pass only)

To combat Plex buffer issues, hardware accelerated streaming (HAS) is now available on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines with modern Intel processors that support Intel Quick Sync. HAS allows your Plex Media Server to convert video more efficiently with high quality and lower processing power. This new feature will also reducing the heat your server gives off from working so hard to send you quality video.

Some AMD and nVidia GPUs are also supported on Windows and Mac, though Plex hasn’t said exactly which ones.

NOTE: Right now, you must be a Plex Pass subscriber to use this function because it is still in beta.



So with these two features working beneath the scenes, you can further remove Plex buffer problems and stream your media quickly to any device in your home.

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