Plex just announced a huge new way to stream your media library with Plex Cloud! Use Amazon Drive to share your Plex media library with every media device you can. Read below for more information.

Plex Cloud, a brand new offering from Plex, let’s you use Amazon Drive to store your Plex media library. This means that there is no need for you to run your own server or NAS, which some users may find too confusing!

Plex advertises that getting Plex Cloud setup through Amazon is a process that only takes 60 seconds! And with Amazon, your media files are safe and secure in the cloud and you don’t have to worry about power or hardware failure. Amazon Drive’s unlimited storage lets you storage as many media files as you can!

The cost of Amazon Drive is $60 per year, however Plex advertises that you will save more than that in power costs over running a 24/7 NAS storage system. As well, this doesn’t include the cost of your initial server and any expandable storage costs. Plex Cloud seems like the easiest way to keep track of your entire media system. Use Plex clients on any device to view your media files.

Note: Plex Cloud is currently in beta, so you need to sign up with your email and wait for Plex to invite you to the service. Follow our guide below to get setup with Plex Cloud today:

Plex Cloud Setup Guide

  1. Request an invite to Plex Cloud by clicking here.
  2. Once registered, sign up for Amazon Drive by clicking here and registering your account.
  3. Link Amazon Drive to your Plex server. Instructions should be given to you when you get the invite to Plex Cloud.
  4. Upload your media to Amazon Drive.
  5. Watch your media on any Plex media player!

And that’s it. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook how the new Plex Cloud service works!


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