The new Plex Collections feature guide lets you group all of your media better in any way you see fit. Check out how the feature works and how it can help you organize your Plex library today.

The brand new Plex Collections feature aims to deliver on a much-requested feature on the official Plex forums: Collections.

Collections are a way to gather and organize your media in custom ways. For example, you may want to group all of your Zombie content in a collection called “Zombies”. Or maybe you want to sort all superhero media in a Collection called “Marvel vs DC”. The new Plex Collections feature lets you do that and even more, including:

  • Customize how items in a Collection are displayed in Plex: Hide items from your library that are in a Collection, show them alongside each other, or disable Collections completely.
  • Set a custom background and poster for each collection.
  • Sort Collections by release date or alphabetically
  • In the top level view, you can filter out to show all Collections only.
  • Place movies, TV shows, music, and other different media types in to the same Collection for quick reference and viewing


The new Plex Collections feature is currently available on the online web player ( web version only), Android, Android TV, iOS, and Apple TV. Support for more features is planned for the future.

Let us know on Twitter and Facebook what you think about the new feature!


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