CrunchyRoll is infamous in the anime world(s?) for it’s cheapness, and it’s extremely quick availability of new episodes. As an avid anime-watcher myself, I use Plex CrunchyRoll for all my anime. So, what does Plex CrunchyRoll let you do?

Disclaimer: You must have premium CrunchyRoll available at

Plex CrunchyRoll Features

So, let’s get right into the features:

  • Completely Legal (No shady business at all)
  • Extremely cheap compared to rival anime servicing
  • Really good Plex integration
  • The ability to watch the anime only one hour after it’s been released in Japan
  • High-Quality and reliable streams.

What clients does it support?

  • Plex Home Theatre
  • Plex on Roku
  • Plex on AppleTV
  • Plex on Windows 8
  • Plex on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Plex Web on Safari and MacOS (Chrome and Firefox will not work)

Let’s get onto the Install Guide


Plex CrunchyRoll Install-Guide

  • Firstly, download the latest version of Plex CrunchyRoll at this link,
  • Extract the downloaded ZIP into a temporary folder,
  • Rename the directory to Crunchyroll.bundle
  • Navigate to your Plex Plug-ins folder, do you not know where your Plex Plug-ins folder is? This article may help you.
  • Move the renamed file into your Plex Plug-ins folder
  • Restart your Plex Media Server

Do you like Plex CrunchyRoll, as always


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