Plex FMovies is one of the new channels on the metaphorical block. It’s library of films is quite large, and not just that, a large majority of it’s streams are high quality, and their site is extremely reliable. All of these things come together and make a good Plex Movies Channel. So, should we get onto the features?

Plex FMovies Features

This channel has:

  • Very reliable streams
  • A lot of movies
  • High Quality (Sometimes HD) Movies
  • Really nice UI
  • Accurate categories and sorting.

What clients does it support?

  • Plex Web
  • Plex Home Theatre
  • Plex Android
  • Plex Chromecast
  • Plex Ouya
  • Plex Roku
  • Plex iOS
  • PlexConnect
  • Plex Smart TV

There’s a chance it won’t work on:

  • Plex Windows 8
  • Plex XBOX
  • Plex Windows Phone

Plex FMovies Install-Guide

Is your client of choice supported, are you satisfied with what it offers, if so, this guide may be of use to you:

  • Go to this link, and click on Download and then Download as ZIP.
  • Extract the ZIP and rename the file to FMovies.Bundle Not Fmovies.bundle-master.
  • Navigate to your Plex Plug-ins folder, do you not know where that is? If not, this may help you.
  • Move FMovies.Bundle to your Plex Plug-ins.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server.


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