I’m sure you’ve heard of reddit? If you haven’t image a dynamically changing front page of the internet. And well, since we’ve got something to announce at the end of the article, we felt this channel would correspond really well. Anyway, did you know you can stream full movies off the subreddit /r/fullmoviesonyoutube, well, if you didn’t you know now. Some talented chap has integrated this subreddit into Plex, in the form of Plex Full Movies Reddit, and, it’s great.

So, what does this channel have?

Plex Full Movies Reddit Features

  • Reliable Stream off Reddit.
  • Videos you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Movies both new and old.
  • A vast category of movies.
  • Some movies even 4k!

Now, though that may seem not like a lot, they all mix together and make something special. After reading that, do you want this channel? If your like me and you do, let’s go onto the install guide.

Plex Full Movies Reddit Install Guide

  • Open the UnSupported Appstore, if you haven’t got it already- this article may help you.
  • Click on “Quick Jump to Bundle” and in the dropdown menu select “Full Movies on Reddit”
  • Simply click on install.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server

And just like that you’ve got Plex Full Movies Reddit.

I think it’s announcement time.


Right, this has been on the back-burner here at PlexTips for a short while, and we’re finally ready to reveal it. Corresponding with this article, we’ve not got a Subreddit. For all your Plex needs. Ask Questions, give feedback, answer questions. It’s here at /r/plextips. We don’t mind what you post there as long as you flair it. 🙂

We hope you get good use from /r/PlexTips and I’ll be there to answer questions and take suggestions with /u/jaywjay03, and the holy KodiTips will be there also at /u/KodiTips


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