Disclaimer: This article isn’t sponsored, I just really, really like Plex Google Music, and by extension Google Music.

Do you own Google Music? Do you want to integrate it with your Plex Media Server? If so, Plex Google Music is for you. Well, what even is Google Music?

What is (Plex) Google Music

Google Music is the premium music service by, Google. This costs £10 (or 10$, figure that one out) a month, and in my opinion is totally worth it. Get it from here. You can also get the first month for free, but it then recurs, so if you do not find it to your tastes, be sure to cancel it.

According to the blog androidauthority.com (article link) Google (Play) Music is the best (compared to Spotify and Apple music):

  • At Content and Compatibility
  • Playlists and Design
  • Additional Features
  • And of course, the most important, Bang for your buck.

It also beat Apple Music by design, but came second to Spotify.

Google Music has an app, which comes pre-bundled on any Androids phones, and is available for download on the Apple App Store.

So, should we get onto the Plex Part?


There’s really no point for me to cover the features, as it is basically a port of Google Music, but to Plex, so, we’ll get straight onto the Install Guide.

Plex Google Music Install-Guide

  • Download Plex Google Music from here, when you click on the link it should start downloading.
  • Once downloaded extract it to a temporary folder and rename GoogleMusic.bundle-master to GoogleMusic.bundle
  • Now you’ve done that, navigate to your Plex Plug-ins folder. Do you not know how to go to your Plex Plug-ins folder? If so, this article may fit you well.
  • Move the GoogleMusic.bundle folder into that directory.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server.

Sorted, you’ve now installed Plex Google Music


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