Plex Home Theater is a Plex Media Server client. Plex Home Theater is the primary platform for Skins, like Aeon Nox.

Plex Home Theater is developed by Plex, and is the official alternative to the Plex Web Client, and it certainty has more features. But, does this make it too advanced for peopl who are new to Plex, or does it maintain ease of use? So, should we move onto the features?



  • Skin Compatibility
  • Great UI
  • Really, really great documentation by Plex itself
  • If using the Aeon Nox Skin, it’s similar to Kodi, great for people who are transferring.
  • Easy Installation
  • Watch Later, channels and all your home Movies/TV functions.
  • Can run channels without a hitch.



Install Guide

  • Go to this link.
  • Click the download button
  • In the dropdown menu that pops up, in the bottom an option should say Plex Home Theater under that should be two Platforms, pick whichever is yours.
  • Now the download has began, when it has downloaded run it.
  • After that is done walk yourself through the wizard, shouldn’t be too confusing.
  • When that is done open up Plex For Home Theater
  • When you’ve booted it up, use your arrow keys to navigate through the app. It should be rather self-explanatory. Also, the soundsystem can just be left at default most of the time, if you don’t know what your dealing with.

You’ve now got Plex Home Theater, what’s next for your Plex Home Theater setup



Be sure to use our  to take your Plex Home Theater to a next level. As usual, be sure to…

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