Plex IceFilms is a great Multi-scraper addon for Kodi, but how does it fair on Plex, does it retain it’s functionality or is it terrible? Read on too see!

As the introduction states, Plex IceFilms a great MultiScraper add-on for Kodi. Popular with cord-cutters, this channel takes a different angle and streams from multiple sources, not just the site. So, should we get onto what makes this addon worth it?




Plex IceFilms is:

  • Reliable
  • Completely filled to brim with content
  • Not just filled with content, but filled with a variety of content
  • Conveniently Labelled [Name (Year)]
  • Constantly updated by the brilliant developer(s)
  • Contains both news and old, classic and modern films.

It scrapes from :

  • 180Upload
  • 2Shared
  • BillionUploads
  • HugeFiles
  • IceFilms (Of Course)
  • MegaRelease
  • MovReel
  • RapidShare
  • ShareBees
  • Vidhog

But, depending on were you are in the world, some of these may be geoblocked, read to the end of the article to see the offer we’ve got for you! (It’s quite good)



Install Guide

  • Go to this link
  • Click the green “Clone & Download” button, then click “Download ZIP”
  • Once downloaded, extract to a temporary folder.
  • Press CTRL+R or navigate to Run using Search/Charms bar.
  • Type in %LocalAppData%
  • Find the “Plex Media Server” File
  • Go to “Plug-Ins”
  • Move the IceFilms.bundle file into plugins.

You now have Plex IceFilms in your Plex Channels. Let’s pull this article to a close.



After experimenting with this channel for a short while, I do think it’s a great resource for cord-cutters and movie watchers alike. Be sure to…

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