Do you want too Install Plex on a Linux device using? Follow the Plex Linux Install Guide, and you will find out how!

Linux is an amazing free operating system created by the Linux Foundation. The OS also has distros. Pretty much a fork of Linux (Specto and Genesis on Kodi). In this tutorial I’ll be using Ubuntu, one of the most user-friendly Distros. This will be quite similar to NAS operating systems. So, should we get into this Plex Linux Install Guide?

Why linux

Linux is good because:

  • It has plex support
  • It’s free
  • It’s open source
  • It’s doesn’t need a super-powerful computer, and can run with little power. I managed to run my Virtual Machine with only 2GB RAM and 4GB HDD.
  • Did I mention it’s free?

Install Guide

For this install guide I’ll be using an Ubuntu virtual machine, this should be similar to your devices.

  • Open up your web browsers and navigate to the Plex Downloads section of the Plex website,
    Plex Linux Install Page
  • In the drop-down menu I select Linux. and hit the  button.
  • A small drop down menu pops up. I click Ubuntu 64Bit, though yours may be 32, be sure to check.
  • It is now downloading the Plex Linux Installer.
  • Once it has downloaded, just run it.
  • If this comes up, click Install

Plex Linux Trust

  • Now it will begin installing.
  • When it has installed, run it.

Sorry for the briefness of the end of this guide, some stuff went wrong, so I couldn’t take images- if you encounter any problems, be sure to ask us more questions on Twitter and Facebook!

You can also get the Unsupported App-store and the official channels on Plex.

There you go guys! Plex Linux is now installed. Hopefully this guide helped you, if it did…

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