TV and Movies tend to go together, in channels, now, say, if there was a channel that specified on TV could it do it really well? Well the answer comes in the form of Plex LogoTV, and well, I think that you and I will agree that it is definitely worthy of applause. So, what does this entail?

This channel is geoblocked for anyone but in the US, read to the end for an exclusive offer.


Plex LogoTV Features

  • A lot of TV streams, every single LogoTV show- atleast from what I can tell.
  • High Quality TV Streams
  • Reliable TV Streams
  • Good Organisation
  • Streams officially, so it abides by the law.

Now, these great things can’t come without a con, and this con comes in the form of geoblocking- but, we have got you covered, read until the end for a great IPVanish VPN offer.

Since you now know what it is, do you want to get it, if so read on.

Plex LogoTV Install Guide

There are two ways to install Plex LogoTV, but we thoroughly recommend using the UnSupported AppStore. But, we’ll show you both.

Unsupported AppStore Method:

  • Install the Unsupported App-store using this guide
  • Open the Unsupported App-store by going to <Your-Plex-IP>:33400
  • Navigate into the Unsupported app-store and click on “Quick Jump To Bundle”
  • Open the dropown menu and find LogoTV, click on it, then click on install.
  • Wait until the notice pops up saying it has been installed
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server

See, how easy was that, you’ve just installed Plex LogoTV, now, it’s time for the alternative method.

Direct Method:

  • Download the bundle from here, click on Download or Clone then click on Download As ZIP
  • Extract it into a temporary folder, and rename the file inside of it to LogoTV.bundle, so it ends up as LogoTV.bundle
  • Open up your Plex Plug-ins folder, if you don’t know where that is, this article may be of some use to you
  • Move the file into the Plug-ins folder
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server




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