Check out our Plex Media Server download and install guide and get the Plex Media Server installed on your computer today! Read on for more information.

Plex is one of the best media server softwares available today. Pick a central computer which will house your Plex Media Server download – the brains of your whole setup. Your Plex Media Server will store your central library and database. Then, you can install the Plex app onto any of your Android TV boxes or compatible smart TVs, where you can stream audio and videos to each Plex app.

If you wish toget the Plex Media Server download and install the software, read the guide below.

DISCLAIMER (Sort of): You need administrator permission for this, there’s not point even trying to install if you don’t have administrator permissions.

Plex Media Server – Before Installing

Before the install, make sure you check that files can be read by Plex. Do this by renaming the files in this way.

For TV Shows:

[Show Name SxxEyy] For Example: Orange is The New Black S10E12.mp4

For Movies:
[Movie_Name (Release_Year)] For Example: The_Last_Airbender (1920).mp4


Plex Media Server Download and Install Guide


install page

  • Launch the installer you just downloaded to see the landing page.
  • Optionally, click Options and check that your install path is correct.
  • Click Install (on Windows), or on Mac, you will select to move Plex Media Server to your Applications folder.
  • Launch Plex, you will see the login below. If you haven’t yet, click Sign Up and create an account. During sign up, you will be asked if you want to subscribe to Plex Pass, which gives you offline streaming and access to your Plex library when you are outside of your home network. Sign up if you would like.

Login Page

  • The first time you sign into Plex, it will tell you it has found a Plex Media Server (your computer). Give it a proper name. Click Next.
  • Plex will also automatically add Library’s based on predetermined locations in your computer. I would recommend clicking Add Library and adding a TV Shows and a Movies folder as well. Click Next.

Finishing the Install

  • After you are done, you will see your Plex library like below.

Final product from Install

  • Plex will automatically start to fill up your libraries (Photos and Music) with data from your computer! Once this is downloaded, your Plex Media Server will be reachable from Plex Apps on any of your other devices!


That’s it! Our Plex Media Server download and install guide is complete. Stay tuned to for more tips and tricks to setup your Plex Media Server and individual apps.

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