Plex Mixcloud is a great way to view Mixcloud. The world leading platform for viewing Radio Shows, DJ Mixes, and Podcasts in Plex. Famous DJs and artists such as Fatboy Slim and Avicii also use Mixcloud. Now, let’s get on to the features of Plex Mixcloud!

Plex Mixcloud Features

  • Discover new types of content and new users, using the channels category system,
  • Great, user-friendly UI, allowing anyone to use the channel easily.
  • Lots of high quality, free shows and mixes,
  • Search by both music and users, helping you find content!
  • Playlists, listen markers, favorites system & more!

Though it may not seem like a lot, this channel is a great system for listening to a variety of shows, mixes and podcasts. So, now you know what you can get from Plex Mixcloud, let’s move onto the install guide!

Plex Mixcloud Install-Guide

  • Firstly, goto this link, and download the source code (zip), when it has finished downloading, move onto the next step (make sure you download the newest, top, release).
  • Then extract the zip and then rename the folder so it is called (channel name).bundle not .bundle-master (or any other suffix).
  • Open your Plex Plugins folder, and drop the newly extracted folder into it. If you don’t know where your Plex Plugins Folder is, this article may help.
  • When you have followed the above steps reboot your Plex Media Server, and the plug-in should be now visible in your channel library.

And voila, you now have Plex Mixcloud installed on your Plex Media Server. As usual..

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