The Plex NFL Network channel by 41john gives you access to American Football live games, videos, replays, and a whole lot more.

Are you an international NFL Game Pass subscriber? There is a Plex NFL Channel designed for you that gives you access into some great American Football content.

For those without a Game Pass subscription, the channel still gives you access to videos from, which has interviews, previews, stats, highlights and more.

If you want the cheapest NFL Game Pass access, consider either a VPN or a SmartDNS to hide your location. If you hide behind a VPN or DNS and make it look like you are from United Kingdom, you get discounts on NFL Game Pass no matter where you live.

A DNS changes your routing to make you seem like you are from anywhere in the world you want. A VPN hides your IP address and gives you full security and hides you from your service provider, which is handy if you have a limit on how much you can stream.


After you activate your VPN or SmartDNS, click here to sign up for NFL Game Pass. You will be directed to the local page depending on what country you are hidden behind.


Interested in checking out the Plex NFL channel? Follow our install guide below.


Plex NFL Features

According to the forum post Plex NFL can:

  • Videos from
  • Videos from NFL Now
  • Archived games from 2012 onwards (full length or condensed) for gamepass or gamepass US subscribers
  • Archived NFL Redzone channel from 2012 onwards for gamepass subscribers
  • Archived NFL Network shows from 2013 onwards for gamepass subscribers
  • Live gamepass games for gamepass subscribers#
  • Live stream of NFL Network TV channel for gamepass subscribers*
  • Live stream of NFL Redzone TV channel for gamepass subscribers*

* Only on clients that support encrypted HLS streams. If you don’t know what HLS Streaming is, don’t worry, you don’t need too. ┬áBut, these are clients that definetly support HLS Streaming.
– Plex/iOS

– Plex Media Player
– PlexConnect
– Plex/Roku
– Plex Samsung Smart Hub (2011 or later)
– PS4
– Plex/Android (Seems dependant on certain settings and version of android so make sure you are up to date. Also try turning off experimental player in plex android settings)
– Plex/Amazon Fire TV

– Plex Client in Windows Store

Does any other clients support it that we haven’t mentioned? If so, make sure you let us know by tweeting us through Our Twitter

So, do you want to know how to install this?


Plex NFL Install Guide

  • Open up the┬áPlex Web, or your client of choice.
  • Navigate to the channels area
  • Then go to the Categories area
  • NowClick on Sports
  • Click on NFL, then click on install.



As you know, or if you don’t, I don’t understand how the NFL works, so if you could put that down in the comments it’d be great

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