Plex Pass is Plex’s premium pay service which gives you access to special Plex perks. What are some Plex Pass features? Are they worth it? Are there any discounts available? Read our guide below!

Plex has always given a special effort towards Plex Pass features for paid subscribers, giving them early access to new features and making sure that their membership is worth it.

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What is Plex Pass?

Plex Pass is Plex’s premium service. For a small monthly fee (or a one-time lifetime fee), Plex gives you even more features and ways to access your media library wherever you are.

Plex Pass Cost

Plex Pass has a monthly charge of $4.99, a yearly charge of $39.99, or a one-time lifetime cost of $149.99. Plex DOES occasionally give out some nice Plex Pass discount codes, usually once or twice per year. Overall, the one-time lifetime subscription cost of Plex Pass pays for itself in less than a year, making it the best option for long-time Plex users.

Plex Pass Features: Worth It?

  • Remote Plex Access: Access your Plex library remotely even when you aren’t connected to the same network at home.
  • Premium Music Library: Better artwork and metadata, access to album bios and reviews, song lyrics.
  • Plex Home: Restrict access to your media library for every member in your house.
  • Cloud Sync: Upload your entire library to the crowd and access it even when you don’t have access to Plex media server.
  • Mobile Sync: Sync parts of your library to your mobile devices so that you can watch movies, TV shows, or listen to music when you don’t have internet access.
  • Wireless Camera Upload: Take a picture and it automatically joins your Plex media library.
  • Early access to new versions of Plex.
  • VIP entrance to a special area on the Plex forums.
  • Free access to iOS, Android, and Windows phone apps, which normally cost money.

In addition to the above standard features, Plex Pass features early access to new content that hasn’t been enabled for all Plex users. Past instances of this were Plex DVR and Plex Live TV. Currently, Plex Pass subscribers get first access to Plex News.

Plex Pass Discount

Interested in the Plex Pass features but not at the price listed above? If you’ve been a Plex member for a while, keep an eye on your email. Plex sometimes sends out discounts on the lifetime membership to Plex Pass which are 50% the listed price. Emails are sent out randomly and there is nothing you can do to help your chances, but if you are patient you might be able to access all Plex Pass features for 50% off.

Feedback from the Plex forums says that this email has a habit of showing up in quiet months (summer time) to users who have been a Plex account holder for more than one year.


Plex Pass features are a nice bonus to Plex’s service. In particular, offline access is popular for those that use it. If you are interested in signing up for Plex Pass, click here.


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