I’m sure you’ve heard of the site PrimeWire. Now, have you heard of Plex Primewire? It’s a great channel for streaming both TV and Movies! Is it any good? How do you install it? Read on for answers to your burning questions.

Disclaimer: Plex Primewire won’t work if your in the UK- read to the end for an exclusive offer for top VPN, IPVanish.


  • Free movie streaming
  • Free TV streaming
  • Good Reliability
  • Search Function
  • Great Quality
  • Latest copies of brand new movies

So, though that may not seem like a lot, it really does it well. Remember, you will not be able to experience any of these features if you live in the UK, if you do, be sure to look at the offer at the end for an exclusive discount. So, should we get onto the Install Guide?



Install Guide


  • The forum post recommends deleting the Let Me Watch This Channel. Read here on how to remove a channel.
  • First things first, download the channel (zipped) from here.
  • Extact the downloaded file into a temporary folder.
  • Then move “lmwt-kiss.bundle-master” to the plugins folder. Do you know where your plugins folder is? If not read this on how to find it.
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server.



Plex PrimeWire is great! It’s streams work like a charm, that is, if you live outside the UK


If you don’t be sure to use our offer for 25% off of IPVanish, a level 1 VPN

Now, as always,


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