Have a look at all of the Plex Roku features and use our install guide to put Plex on all of your Roku devices.

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Plex has full integration on all Roku devices. Stream all of your video and audio content on Roku and check out the full feature list below.

Plex Roku Features

  • Any Format – Support for all file types (well, virtually all), including hi-fi music and video formats. (Free and Premium)
  • Available Anywhere – Stream all of your media to all your devices, anytime, anywhere, with the same beautiful experience on all of them. (iOS, Android, and Windows apps require a one-time unlock fee for full playback – Free and Premium)
  • Library Organisation – Organize all of your media–videos, photos, and music–and make it beautiful with artwork and info like plot summaries, bios, and more. (Free and Premium)
  • Privacy and Security – Enjoy your media while away from home, knowing your connection is securely encrypted. (Free and Premium)
  • Sharing – Effortlessly share libraries among friends to all discover and enjoy even more content together. (Free and Premium)
  • Recommendations and Discovery – Enjoy beautifully organized libraries that help you find and re-discover great gems in your collection. (Free and Premium)
  • Plex Channels Support – Get online content from various sources, like TED Talks, NPR, Spike, Comedy Central, and Soundcloud, right in Plex. (Free and Premium)
  • Remote Control – Use the Plex app on your phone or tablet to control any Plex player. (Free and Premium)
  • Flinging – Start content on one device and fling it to another app to continue enjoying it. (Free and Premium)
  • 4K Support – With four times as many pixels as 1080p, Plex looks that much more gorgeous on your 4K supported TV. (Free and Premium)
  • Media Optimizer – Create optimized versions of your media for seamless streaming on whichever device you choose. (Free and Premium)
  • Watch Later – Save online videos to watch later or recommend videos to a friend. (Free and Premium)
  • Plex DVR – Record free broadcast TV channels and watch your favorite HD shows, movies, news, and sports on any device, anywhere in the world. Management of Plex DVR only available on the Plex Web App. (Premium)
  • Cloud Sync – Sync content from your library to supported cloud storage providers to enjoy even if your server is offline. (Premium)
  • Lyrics (Karaoke Mode) – See timed lyrics to your favorite songs when available. (Premium)
  • Mood Mix – Find tracks in your collection based on mood to help you wake up, wind down, and everything in between. (Premium)
  • Plex Mix – Kick off playback of similar tracks from your collection at any time — it’s like your own personal radio station. (Premium)
  • Premium Music – Enjoy lyrics, automatic Plex Mix and Mood Mix playlists based on mood or similar tracks, and premium metadata matching for high quality art, album reviews, artist bios and more! (Premium)
  • Multiple Users – Create customized, managed accounts, and make user switching fast and easy with Plex Home. (Premium)
  • Parental Controls – Enable parental controls to keep the kids away from inappropriate content.
  • Trailers and Extras – Automatically see high quality movie trailers, cast interviews, and other extras for movies in your library.

Plex Roku is fully integrated with the following Roku devices:

  • Roku TV
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku 2
  • Roku 3
  • Roku 4

Interested in install Plex on Roku?

Plex Roku Install Guide

  • Boot up your Roku device
  • Open up the Google Play Store
  • Search “Plex”
  • Install the app named Plex
  • Enter in your credentials to sync the Plex Media Player add-on with your Plex Media Server.

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