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There is now perfect Plex Sonos integration. Find out how to stream music wirelessly to your Sonos gear via Plex below.


Plex Media Servers are a great way of storing your songs and Sonos are a great way of playing said songs. Their integration was inevitable, but finally it is here. So, what makes this integration work?

Plex claims that the Plex Sonos comparison will:

  • Automatically transcode your audiophile audio to make it playable in Plex if it isn’t already.
  • Allow you to easily stream your collections to other friends soundsystems
  •  Provide a great way for people to stream audio through their soundsystem.

When you sync your Plex account with your Sonos account, a Plex option will appear in your Sonos smart phone app which will give you access to all of your music.

Since this is beta access (Work In Progress), the Plex Sonos Service must be downloaded for Sonos Labs in order to make things works. However, sign up is free.  Activate Plex Sonos integration with our guide below.


Plex Sonos Integration Install Guide

  • Join the Plex Sonos public beta by going to this link and follow instructions at the bottom of the page for your respective device.
  • Once you have done that, open your controller and go to your Sonos Controller and tap “Add Music Service”
  • Now tap “Plex (Beta)”
  • You should now have the Plex Sonos Service installed for Sonos.

If you own any Sonos hardware, Plex integration is a huge feature. Being able to stream your music library wherever you are thanks to Plex media server makes things very easy.

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