Plex has a lot of streaming channels, but is your internet quick enough to stream without buffer? Plex Speedtest shows you your true internet speed. Twoure on the Plex Forums has made a channel that hooks into Ookla’s so you can see the speed of your internet from inside your Plex Media Server.

Plex Speedtest Features

  • Locates your nearest speedtest server for the utmost accuracy.
  • Can test both speed and upload together
  • Can test only download
  • Can test only upload

Interested in checking out the Plex Speedtest and seeing how your internet connection looks for using and streaming audio and video on Plex? Check out the install guide below.

Plex Speedtest Install-Guide

  • Download from here and extract
  • Rename SpeedTest.bundle-master to speedtest.bundle
  • Move into your Plex Plugins folder
  • Reboot your Plex Media Server


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