TwitchTV is a great platform for all kinds of video-game streaming. Ranging from your neighbor streaming himself playing Dota 2- to the worldwide E-Sports championships. If you enjoy watching Twitch, Plex TwitchTV is a necessary addition to your Plex Media Server.

Plex TwitchTV Features

Obviously Plex TwitchTV let’s you watch TwitchTV at source quality, but what else does it do?

  • Quality Selection
  • Past Broadcasts/Highlights support
  • View followed channels
  • Search Streams, Channels or Games
  • It can also play Subscriber only VODs

Now, this all sounds great, but what if it doesn’t work on my client- I hear you ask, don’t fret though, this channel has been tested working on:

  • Plex Media Server on Windows
  • Plex Media Server on Linux
  • Plex Home Theater Windows 8.1/10
  • Plex on Android
  • Plex on iOS
  • Plex Media Player
  • Does not work on Plex Web.


Plex TwitchTV Install-Guide

  • Download from here by clicking “Clone or Download” then “Download as ZIP”
  • Extract the ZIP
  • Rename TwitchMod.bundle-master to just TwitchMod.bundle
  • Go to your Plex Plug-ins folder. If you don’t know where that folder is, this article may help.
  • Move directory into the Plex Plug-ins folder
  • Restart your Plex Media Server.

Voila! You now have Plex TwitchTV, as always be sure to..

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