Plex vs Kodi, which is better? Click here to find out what features Plex has and why it is a powerful media server.

There is a lot of documentation on the internet for Kodi, but not a lot for Plex. Let’s have a look at some of Plex’s features and why it is better than Kodi in some respects!

Plex vs Kodi – Availability

Unlike Kodi which is only available on a few platforms, Plex is available everywhere! Here is a list of systems that support Plex:

Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and even smart TVs.

Kodi’s main deployment is on the Android TV platform. It also has applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mac support is not officially available because Kodi violate’s Apples terms by being open source software.

Plex vs Kodi – Database

Plex stores your media database information on a central Plex Media Server. This means that you can have multiple boxes and TVs running Plex and each one has the same database. If you watch a show on one TV, it is marked watched on all of them! This synergy makes Plex an intriguing option for multi-TV houses.

Plex vs Kodi – Video/Audio Processing

One of the reasons Plex is supported on so many platforms is the way it transcodes video and audio. The Plex Media Server transcodes your files on-the-fly so that the device has very little to do. Cheap Kodi boxes don’t work great because they don’t have the processing power necessary to work efficiently. This means that if you have media stored on a hard drive, Plex is a better media server than Kodi.

Plex vs Kodi – Channels (Add-ons)

While Kodi has many more add-ons, they are created and supported by individuals and their quality is not guaranteed. All official Plex channels are developed by the Plex team and are polished for use in Plex.


Interested in trying out Plex? Check out our Plex Media Server Install Guide by clicking here.

Once you have Plex installed, click here to install the unsupported Plex App Store which gives you access to stream audio and video content from different channels (the equivalent to Kodi add-ons).

What other differences does Plex have vs Kodi? Comment below and let us know on Twitter and Facebook!


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