Plex Web is one of the most important aspects of Plex, it allows users to be able to access all their media files through their computers with no extra software. Due to this aforementioned importance, the Plex team constantly update Plex Web. There are so many patches that you can sometimes find it hard to keep up, so, we will update this post whenever there is a new Plex Web Update!

Quick foreword, you can access Plex Web by default when you install Plex, but, if you are struggling, this might help.

Plex Web 3.17.2/3

This is a major update to Plex Web, this includes (as new):

  • New music and video players!
  • Reworked lyrics and play queue screens to make full use of the window
  • Updated Playlists to match new style
  • Updated look and feel of photo player to be consistent with the new players
  • Added prompt when connecting to or disconnecting from a companion player during playback
  • Added support for unencoded XML TV URLs

They have also fixed (bug fixes):

  • Fix Play Plex Mix missing from more actions menu
  • Fixed XML TV URLs with accented characters in the filename
  • Improved loading of DVR Device Manage Channels
  • Fixed music videos hubs not displaying correctly
  • Fixed missing library title when browsing Cloud Sync libraries
  • Fixed creating playlists from Recently Added/Recently Aired
  • Correctly show Direct Play status when only transcoding sidecar subtitles
  • Fixed tracks always starting from the beginning
  • Fixed soft subtitle desync after seeking in some browsers

They also released a follow up update to this, 3.17.3, which:

  • Fixed player fullscreen button being displayed on unsupported devices.


Plex Web Plenary

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the Plex Web changes, so keep checking back to know when Plex Release a new update for Web! As per usual…

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