The Plexamp music player is a separate desktop-based software from the Plex development team that gives you a lightweight, smooth, and feature-packed music player.

Plexamp is a desktop based music player made for those users who use the Plex Media Server for music and audio purposes. The interface is a throwback to the old Winamp software, a popular Windows-only media player that made its debut TWENTY years ago.

If you have a heavy music library, you’ll want to download and give Plexamp a try today. It integrates nicely with your Plex Media Server to play any music filetype you can throw at it. Plexamp packs a whole bunch of nice features into just one single screen (and overlays).

Click here to head directly to the download page for the music player or check out a list of its features below.


Plexamp Features

  • Windows + Mac OSX Support
  • Library Stations – Start a station of music that seamlessly blends genres and songs together from one to the next.
    • Time Travel Radio – Sorts your music by year so that you get a time-travelling playback through your library.
  • Gapless Playback – Seamlessly transition between music, handy for live albums or gapless albums.
  • Special Visualizers – Customized to the colours of album artwork.
  • Loudness Levelling & Smart Transitions – Don’t worry about playing songs with different volume levels because the software smooths everything out for you.
  • Plex Companion Support – Can remote control other Plex Players and can be remotely controlled itself.
  • Hotkeys – Control your media playback with quick keyboard shortcuts
  • Waveform Seeking – Easily see a visual representation of your track, allowing you to skip to a desired part of the song (or past the silence between end of track and start of bonus track)


Overall, Plexamp gives you a lightweight, clean, and functional music player that is well worth checking out .


Click here to head directly to the download page for the Plexamp music player.



The release of this music player coincides with the unveiling of a new Plex Labs sub-section, which focuses on showing off some special beta features and extensions for Plex.