Listen to a huge selection of podcasts on Plex with the PlexPod Plex channel, which brings the iTunes library into your Plex setup.

The PlexPod Plex channel ties right into the iTunes music library in order to give you podcasts on Plex.

When you install the addon, you’ll see the following features:

  • Podcast Search (via itunes api)
  • Podcast Delete
  • Automatic rss library managment
  • A reverse sort toggle in standard options
  • Improved automatic artwork scraping


The RSS library management is particularly useful for building a library of podcasts that you enjoy listening to. With this addon, you can listen to podcasts on Plex no matter what Plex device you are using.

If you’d like to install the PlexPod Plex channel, it can be done manually or via the unsupported app store.



PlexPod Plex Install Guide – Manual Method

  1. Firstly, goto this link, and download the latest source code (zip).
  2. Extract the zip and then rename the folder so it is called (channel name).bundle not .bundle-master(or any other suffix).
  3. Open your Plex Plugins folder, and drop the newly extracted folder into it. If you don’t know where your Plex Plugins Folder is, click here.
  4. Reboot your Plex Media Server, and the plug-in should be now visible in your channel library.



PlexPod Plex Install Guide – Unsupported App Store Method

  • If you haven’t yet, install the UnSupported AppStore from our guide by clicking here.
  • Open the UnSupported Appstore by typing your Plex Media Server IP followed by the port :34000 ( Then Click UnSupported Appstore.
  • Now click “Jump To”
  • Open the dropdown menu and click “PlexPod” Then click “Jump To”
  • Now click “Install.” Wait for it to say that the Installation is completed.
  • Voila! The PlexPod Plex channel is now in your channel menu in Plex.


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