The Rainierland Plex channel brings a great new movie and TV source to Plex. Stream new movies from Rainerland on Plex with our guide below.

The Rainierland Plex channel lets you view content from and watch movies and TV shows on Plex. The channel scrapes Rainerland for video files and presents them inside your Plex channel.

Quality of the streams in the Plex is mostly HD. There is a focus on new movies and TV shows.

Rainierland Plex Channel Categories

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Once you have the Rainierland Plex channel installed on your Plex Media Server, view content on your Plex clients as well! The following Plex clients have been confirmed as working with this channel:

  • Plex Media Server:
    • Tested Working:
      • Windows
      • Linux (Ubuntu) Installation of a Javascript runtime may be required sudo apt-get install nodejs (installs nodejs)
      • Mac
  • Plex Clients:
    • Tested Working:
      • Plex Home Theater
      • Plex/Web
      • Samsung Plex App
      • Android Kit-Kat (Samsung Galaxy S3)
      • iOS (Apple iPhone6)

Give it a shot on the Plex streaming device of your choice and let us know in the comments section below how it works for you to watch movies on Plex with Rainierland

Interested in the Rainierland Plex channel? Follow our guide below and install it today.

Rainierland Plex Channel Install Guide

  1. Click here to directly download the Rainierland Plex channel. Keep it mind where it saved on your computer.
  2. Locate the zip you saved and unzip it somewhere.
  3. Rename your unzipped folder and delete the “-master” text from the path so that your folder is now named “Rainierland.bundle”.
  4. Copy the Rainierland bundle into your Plex plugins folder. Click here if you do not know your Plex plugins folder location.
  5. Restart your Plex media server and your add-on should now show up in your Plex channels area.

That’s it! Have any trouble? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook or by commenting on this post below and we would be happy to help you out!