Install the Tautulli Plex application today and access a whole bunch of statistics, analytics, and reports about your Plex viewing habits. Tautulli is the next generation of PlexPy, allowing you to keep track of your Plex library more easily.

The Tautulli Plex application is  a Python based script that runs alongside your Plex Media Server and provides interesting analytics about your media. Install PlexPy today and get the following features:

  • Monitor activity about your Plex Media Server included what, where, and how you are watching your media.
  • View statistics and analytics including how often and how many files you have stored.
  • Log viewing history for all users
  • View beautiful trends and graphs
  • View recently added media quickly
  • Sync your media server across all Plex players
  • Quickly view media info for all files


For those of you who used to or still have PlexPy installed, Tautulli is the next generation of this software, built from the ground up. Currently, Tautulli is in BETA stages and should only be installed by users who know what they are doing and are maybe willing to give feedback. Tautulli is polished enough that we are willing to post about it however, and we think it is a great tool!

Tautulli is also apart of Plex Labs, which is great news!

Get the installationSome of the improvements made in the beta version of the Tautulli Plex app include:

  • Monitoring:
    • New: More detailed stream info including subtitles, bitrates, bandwidth, and quality profiles.
    • New: Terminate sessions from the current activity (Plex Pass only).
    • Change: Monitoring uses websockets only now.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Completely new notification system.
      • Allow adding multiple of the same notification agent and/or duplicating existing notification agents.
      • Each notification agent has it’s own notification triggers and notification text.
      • Notification agents are stored in the database instead of the config file. Some notification configurations may have been lost in the transfer. Sorry.
    • New: Discord notification agent.
    • New: GroupMe notification agent.
    • New: MQTT notification agent.
    • New: More customizable info cards for Discord, Facebook, Hipchat, and Slack.
    • New: Script notifications are configured individually per script with separate arguments for each notification action.
    • New: Icon and duration options for Plex Home Theater and XBMC notifications.
    • New: Notification for Tautulli updates.
    • New: Added <show>, <season>, <artist>, and <album> notification exclusion tags.
      • <tv> is renamed to <episode>, and <music> is renamed to <track>
    • New: Preview notification text in the notifier settings.
    • New: Properly group recently added notifications when adding a batch of media.
      • The {season_num}, {episode_num}, and {track_num} parameters will be substituted with the range (e.g. 06-10)
    • New: Option to group recently added notifications by show/artist or season/album.
    • New: More detailed media info (video, audio, subtitle, file, etc.) notification options available.
    • New: Added notification text modifiers to change case and slice lists.
    • New: Custom notification conditions using parameters to filter notifications.
    • New: Button to trigger manual recently added notifications from the info pages.
    • New: Lookup TVMaze and TheMovieDatabase links.
    • Remove: The shared Imgur client ID has been removed. Please enter your own client ID in the settings to continue uploading posters.
    • Change: Notifications with a blank subject or body will no longer be sent at all.
    • Change: Line breaks inserted automatically in Email notification text.
    • Change: Notifications for season/episodes now use the season poster and album/track now use the album art.
    • Change: The {action} parameter is no longer capitalized.
    • Change: Notification success or failure added to notification logs.
  • API:
    • New: Added check for Plex Media Server updates with the Tautulli API.
    • New: Added show/artist and episode/track titles to the “get_history” API command.
    • New: Added manual trigger for recently added notifications.
    • Remove: Defunct API v1.
    • Change: The “notify” API command now requires a notifier_id instead of an agent_id. The notifier ID can be found in the settings for each notification agent.
    • Change: The returned json for the “get_metadata” API command is no longer nested under the “metadata” key.
  • UI:
    • New: Updated current activity, watch statistics, and library statistics cards on the home page.
    • New: Toggle stats and recently added categories directly on the homepage.
    • New: Ability to delete synced items from the Synced Items page.
    • New: Updated platform icons to a uniform style.
    • Remove: Setting for number of top items for watch statistic cards.
    • Change: Separate API and websocket logs.
  • Android Tautulli Remote Appbeta:
    • New: Download the Tautulli Remote app on Google Play!
      • Link the app using a QR code in the Tautulli settings.
    • New: Push notifications directly to the Tautulli Remote app.
  • Other:
    • New: Option to update Tautulli automatically when an update is available.
    • New: Option to switch the tracking git remote and branch.
    • New: Option to change the path to your git environment variable.
    • New: Option to use a HTTPS certificate chain.
    • New: Option to override the Plex Web URL for click-through links.
    • New: Separate watched percentage for movies, episodes, and tracks.
    • New: Show changelog after updating Tautulli.
    • New: Support for IPv6 geolocation lookup.
    • New: Download the Tautulli configuration file or database from the settings.
    • New: Log failed Tautulli login attempts.
    • Fix: Modal popups not working on mobile Safari.
    • Fix: Prevent password managers from autofilling the password in the settings.
    • Fix: Unable to search with special characters.
    • Remove: Some unused options have been removed from the settings page.
    • Change: The database schema has been changed, and reverting back to PlexPy v1 will not work.
    • Change: The dev branch has been depreciated. A master/beta/nightly system is used instead.



Install the Tautulli Plex app via our guide below and check out some PlexPy screenshots underneath that.


Before you follow the install guide below, make sure you have Python 2.7 installed by clicking here and installing it on your computer.


How to Install Tautulli Plex on Windows

  1. Download PlexPy from Github by clicking here and unzip the folder onto your computer.
  2. Inside of the folder, double click on PlexPy. PlexPy will now be automatically listening on http://localhost:8181, the default installation path of Plex.
  3. Create a shortcut to and copy that to your startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup or C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup) to startup Tautulli when Windows starts.


How to Install Tautulli Plex on Linux

  1. Open a terminal window and install Git via the following commands:
    • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install git-core
    • Fedora: sudo yum install git
  2. Type: cd /opt
  3. Type: git clone
  4. Type: cd plexpy
  5. Type: python
  6. PlexPy will now be automatically listening on http://localhost:8181, the default installation path of Plex.
  7. To start PlexPy on startup, refer to Install as a daemon.


How to Install Tautulli Plex on Mac

  1. Download PlexPy from GitHub: and extra the zip file to /Applications./PlexPy. Make sure you extract the files directly in the root.
  2. Open a terminal window and type: cd /Applications/PlexPy
  3. Type: python 
  4. PlexPy will now be automatically listening on http://localhost:8181, the default installation path of Plex.
  5. To start PlexPy on startup, refer to Install as a daemon


For more guides on how to install Tautulli, including custom instructions for your NAS, click here.

Let us know on Twitter and Facebook if you need any help!


Tautulli Plex Screenshots



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