So, you’ve installed Plex using our Install Guide With Pictures? Now it’s time to take your Plex one step further using this Plex App Store Install Guide.

Plex isn’t as mainstream as Kodi because of this some of the favorites on Kodi are not available on Plex, but this doesn’t mean that Plex doesn’t have great channels (the equivalent of add-ons).

Unsupported Plex App Store Install Guide

  • Download a framework called Web Tools from GitHub (version 2.2) by clicking here.
  • Extract the zip and remember where your WebTools.bundle file is saved.
  • Windows users: Press Ctrl + R or search “Run” in the Windows search prompt and type %Localappdata% (not %appdata% as pictured).


Plex Unofficial App Store Install Guide Run Prompt

  • Mac users: Open a Finder window and then at the top status bar, go to Go > Go To Folder and type ~/Library/Application Support
  • Navigate and click on Plex Media Server.


FileSystem For Unoffical Appstore guide thing

  • Click on Plug-ins
  • Move the WebTools.Bundle file you unzipped previously and put it into this folder.
  • Disclaimer: The team at PlexTips are not responsible and do not advocate pirating or the use of pirated content. This guide is a demonstration and is for educational purposes only.
  • In your web browser, navigate to <Your-Plex-IP>:33400 . On my computer, I entered
  • You’ll be greeted with a login page. Login with your standard Plex credentials (don’t worry about being key-logged or information stolen).

  • Once logged in, you’ll see the page below with the change log. Click on Unsupported AppStore.


  • At the top it says something about GitHub links, which is where you can manually add sources (like repos in Kodi). Don’t worry about that for now, we don’t need it for this tutorial.

  • There are two ways to navigate through the App Store. Scroll through each add-on and read the description for each. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Jump To Bundle and quickly jump to the channel you want to install.
  • As an example, we will select FilmOn and click Jump To.

  • You will be taken to a window that says FilmOn, and it has two buttons in the bottom right of this ‘window’. Click Install.

  • You will get the following popup.

  • And then.

  • Next launch, your Plex Media Server program. On the left hand side click Channels and you will see all of the channels you installed in the Plex App Store.

  • Click FilmOn (or any other channel) to launch the add-on.






The Unsupported Plex App Store s truly a gateway to some of the best that Plex can offer. It makes Plex more and more like one of it’s competitors, Kodi. Until I discovered this App Store I used Kodi for most of my streaming media, but now Plex seems worthy to take up Kodi’s spot.

In the coming days we will be covering the best that the Plex App Store has to offer. Hopefully you found this Plex App Store Install Guide sufficient for your needs.

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