Setup your Xbox One Plex media centre today and access your entire Plex media library on your Xbox One, complete with a full  set features.

January 12th: The Xbox One Plex app has been updated to v2.1.2 with some new features added to the client, including:

  • Brand new audio, video, and photo players.
  • Support for direct streaming HEVC video on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.
  • Support for mspeg4v2 and mspeg4v3 in mkv and avi containers and 4K vp9 support in webm containers.
  • Poster and list items titles will automatically scroll when they are too long to display in their entirety.
  • New ‘Play Version’, ‘Mark as Watched’, and ‘Delete’ modals.
  • Show insecure connection fallback options when primary server is unreachable but insecure connections are a possibility.

Check it out today from the Xbox One App Store!



Install the Xbox One Plex app for free today and access your entire Plex media library, including videos, photos, and music on the Xbox One.

New as of October 2017 is a brand new Xbox One interface which adds the following improvements:

  • Mixed Photo/Video LIbraries – Watch photos and videos from the same library mixed together seamlessly.
  • Alexa Compatibility – Use your voice to navigate and control Plex.
  • Better Subtitles – Plex now displays subtitles without any additional server resources. Faster playback and less CPU power needed.
  • Separate Plex from your Xbox Gamertag – You are no longer forced to link Plex to your Xbox One account, letting everyone know exactly what you are playing.


These improvements are in addition to the great interface that the Xbox One Plex already has, which includes big posters, unlimited scrolling, and a high quality skin.

If you are interested in installing and setting up the Xbox One Plex app, follow our guide below.


Xbox One Plex App Setup Guide

  1. Launch the Xbox One App Store and search for Plex.
  2. Open the Plex Listing in the App Store and select Install. When it is done, Plex will be found in your Xbox One Home Menu.
  3. The first time you launch Plex, you’ll have to sign in with your Plex login information. It may take some time for your media server library to sync to your Xbox system.


Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! if you need any help setting up your Xbox One Plex app!


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